Every Commercial Property Owner Needs To Know These Signs That Drain Cleaning Is Needed

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Every Commercial Property Owner Needs To Know These Signs That Drain Cleaning Is Needed

2 March 2017
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Do you own or operate a commercial property? If so, you may be very busy dealing with the day-to-day operations of the business, which means that you may forget to schedule important appointments, such as plumbing maintenance. Drain cleaning is one plumbing maintenance service that can wreak havoc on businesses if they do not address the issue. The following are a few signals your plumbing system may give if it needs drain cleaning.

Foul Odors

The stench of raw sewage is enough to make your employees sick. It may also turn away potential customers. Unfortunately, some business owners and managers spend so much time at their respective establishments that they get used to foul odors and do not realize they exist. If your business is related to the restaurant or lodging industries, you might need to have drain cleaning performed more regularly than other types of businesses. This is because of the organic waste that enters your drains. 

Drainage Problems

If you have drainage issues, it likely due to a clog in the plumbing system. A clog in the drain line is indicative of a blockage that impedes water from flowing through. Do not make the mistake of trying to clear potential clogs by using over-the-counter drain cleaners. This is because many of these products are corrosive and can damage plumbing system. The end result might be a plumbing issue that requires a more aggressive approach to fix. For example, using a drain cleaner could corrode a pipe and cause a water leak to occur. This means that you would still need to address the clogging issue, replace the pipe, and get water damage restoration services to keep your commercial property safe.

Backup Issues

Sometimes business owners can temporarily improve drainage issues by using an auger and plunger to release clogs. This is ideal for clogs that rarely occur. However, if your property experiences frequent drainage issues, the drain line is likely backed up. This means that you likely have a clog that is further down in your drain. Using the auger and plunger may temporarily force waste that is trapped on top of the clog into the system, but eventually a disaster, such as an overflowing toilet, might occur since the culprit for the backup issues is located in an area of the drain the simple plumbing tools cannot reach.

A commercial plumbing company like Albert's Plumbing & Drain Service is a good resource to use to learn more ways to determine when drain cleaning is needed. They can also routinely check your drains to ensure that they are cleaned as needed. This will allow you to focus on business matters.