Time to Have Your Drains Cleaned? Why You Should Have a Digital Image Inspection First

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Time to Have Your Drains Cleaned? Why You Should Have a Digital Image Inspection First

2 April 2018
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If you're going to be having your drains cleaned, there's one more service you need to schedule first; a drain inspection. Cleaning your drains is a good way to clear away dirt and debris, and prevent troublesome clogs, but it won't give you a clear picture of the condition of your drains. For that, you need to have a drain inspection using digital imagery. Here are three reasons why you need to schedule a digital imagery drain inspection as soon as possible.

Locate Small Issues Before They Become Costly Problems

If it's been a while since you had your drains cleaned, you might think that's all you need to take care of the minor plumbing issues you're dealing with. However, while cleaning will remove the debris, it won't provide you with details regarding the condition of your pipes. Unfortunately, that means the main plumbing problem may remain overlooked. However, when you have your drains inspected, the plumber will be able to locate even the smallest of problems, which means they'll be repaired before they become costly repair issues.

Pinpoint Exact Location of Plumbing Troubles

When it comes to plumbing problems, it can be difficult to target the ones that are deep within the drain pipes. That's where the digital inspection comes in handy. Having your drains inspected prior to cleaning will help pinpoint the exact location of plumbing troubles. The digital inspection will show the plumber where they need to focus while they're cleaning your drains. Not only that, but the imagery will show them exactly where they'll need to focus their efforts should repairs be necessary.

Will Identify Exactly What's in Your Drains

If you're going to have your drains cleaned, it's a good idea to know exactly what's down there. You won't know what type of issues you're dealing with if you're not provided with the digital imagery. With a digital drain inspection, you'll know exactly what you're dealing with, and what's in your drains, including tree roots, bottle caps, and possibly even a child's shoe. This is particularly beneficial when you're dealing with stubborn clogs. After all, you never know what caused the initial clog you were dealing with.

If you're going to be having your drains cleaned, be sure to start with a digital image drain inspection. This type of inspection will ensure that your plumbers drain cleaning efforts are as effective as possible. To prevent costly plumbing problems, it's a good idea to have your drains cleaned and inspected at least once every couple of years.