3 Signs You Should Buy A New Shower Head For Your Bathroom

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3 Signs You Should Buy A New Shower Head For Your Bathroom

11 November 2018
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A good shower head can last for several years and many showers. You might have used the same shower head repeatedly to take your daily shower without giving the thought of buying a new shower head much thought, but picking out a new shower head and calling a plumber to help you with installing it properly is a good idea in these different situations.

1. Your Current Shower Head Leaks

Over time, showerheads can begin to leak. Some leaks are minor, while others are more serious. With any type of leak, though, your shower head can lose water pressure and waste water. Some minor leaks can be repaired without the need to actually fully replace the shower head; for example, a plumber might be able to come in and replace a worn-out washer or tighten up the shower head so that its base is more securely attached to the wall. If the parts of the shower head are completely worn out and are causing the leak, a full replacement might be needed so that you can put a stop to the leaking.

2. You'd Like to Improve Your Experience When Taking Your Daily Shower

Even though you might be happy overall with how your shower head works, you could be hoping that there are improved shower heads out there that can help you turn your daily shower into something even more luxurious. The good news is that there are a lot of different shower heads that have all different features and that can provide you with a luxurious, spa-like experience. 

Even at lower price points, you can find shower heads that offer different settings that you can choose from. Higher-end shower heads might have even more settings and may allow you to save your preferences or even play music through your shower head. Take the time to check out some of the different shower heads that are available so that you can choose one that will provide you with the experience that you're hoping for.

3. Your Shower Head Is Starting to Look Old

Your shower head might not shine like it used to, and it might be a lot harder to clean. One way that you can improve the way that your shower looks is by replacing the shower head. A brand-new model will instantly make your shower look nicer, and you can look for a nicer-looking and more luxurious shower head if you'd like to improve the appearance of your shower even more.

Working with a plumber and installing a new shower head is something you might want to consider for your home in the different situations above. Give it some consideration, and talk to your a company like Quality Plumbing about your options.