Prevent Holiday Plumbing Issues

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Prevent Holiday Plumbing Issues

5 December 2018
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The holiday season offers the chance to get together with friends and family for good times and meaningful visits. When you have everyone over to enjoy the festivities, the last thing you want to have happened is for plumbing issues to arise which can be embarrassing. The information here will help you to prepare your plumbing for the influx of usage that can come from having a lot of people at your home.

Keep the garbage disposal functioning

When you start to wash all the dishes you dirtied while you were preparing your large holiday feast and delicious treats, you don't want the garbage disposal to start acting up on you.

First of all, remembering the rule of 'FOG' will help you to keep your drain clog-free when you are going to be needing it most. 'FOG' stands for fat, oil, and grease, which are all things that will have your drain coming to a screeching halt in no time, leaving you with a clogged sink. Also, grind up a little ice and throw some citrus fruit down the disposal to clean the disposal blades and make the sink smell better.

Keep the bathroom trouble-free

When you are hosting holiday get-togethers, your bathroom plumbing will be tested. Not only will your bathroom get a lot more usage, but there may also be kids using it and kids tend to love the toilet paper and extra-long handwashing sessions.

To prepare your bathroom for the influx of usage it's about to endure, you want to clear the drains as much as possible ahead of time. Pour a little baking soda and vinegar down your sink to help remove any debris currently in the pipes. Also, if your toilet is already draining a little slower than normal, put some liquid dish soap into the toilet and pour very hot water slowly in it. This can help move any sludge along before your party begins.

Annual service visits

The best thing you can do with regards to ensuring your holiday parties go off without plumbing issues causing a 'stink' is to have your plumbing serviced annually. This will allow a qualified plumber to inspect your plumbing to ensure everything looks good. If there are issues, they can tend to them before they cause big problems. If you generally have a lot of people over during the holiday season, then you may want to make sure you schedule your annual service visits sometime before the holidays.

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