Three Ways To Pay For Your Broken Sewer Pipes

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Three Ways To Pay For Your Broken Sewer Pipes

10 December 2019
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Sewer problems can happen at the worst possible time and you may be wondering what options you have available to pay for the damages. Your homeowners insurance provider is a natural place to turn to, but you'll have other options as well.

There are several symptoms that you might experience as a result of a damaged sewer pipe. You might discover that sewage is backing up or that you have a sewage blockage. You might also smell sewer gas around your home. These symptoms will make repairing your sewer all the more dire.

1. Insurance

If you have a broken sewer pipe, you may be able to fix it by turning to your insurance provider. However, this depends on your insurance provider and the nature of the sewer break. Insurance providers often cover damage done to your home that is sudden or unexpected. The damage has to be on your property. 

Some insurance providers will pay for broken sewer pipes if the damage was the result of your sewer freezing and pipes bursting. However, if the cause of the sewer damage was the result of something that happened over time and is preventable, it's more likely that you'll need to pay for the damage yourself. 

You're less likely to get help from your insurance provider if the damage was the result of a problem that accumulated over time. For example, if you simply have pipes that are old and broke, you'll likely need to pay for the damage.

If the damage to the sewer line happens off of your property, it doesn't matter what caused the damage. Your insurance provider will not pay for repairs. Unfortunately, you may still need to pay for the broken sewer pipe if the break occurs with the laterals to the main sewer line. 

2. Warranties

Your insurance provider is the best place to turn to if your sewer lines break. However, if they are not able to help you, it's also a good idea to see if your sewer lines are covered by a warranty. If they were installed not that long ago, they might still be covered and you may have your sewer lines replaced at no cost.

3. Financing

Another option is to find out if the sewer system has financing options. Emergencies often happen at the most inconvenient time, so one of the best ways to pay for a broken sewer line is to seek credit.

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