Is Your Septic System In Need Of Inspection? Signs That It Is

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Is Your Septic System In Need Of Inspection? Signs That It Is

23 January 2020
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Your home's septic system is one of the most vital things about home ownership. From flushing the toilet to operating the washing machine, it's important that you keep your septic system in great working order. Your septic system should work well the entire time you own your home, but you may need to have the unit looked at now and again. Whether you have a new septic system you have never had looked at or you have an older system that may need a touch-up, use this guide to help you recognize signs you need to have a septic inspection before it's too late.

Toilets are backing up more frequently

While your toilet should never overflow or back up, sometimes this happens when someone uses too much toilet paper, you have multiple people in your home using your toilet at once, or you have other things going on in your home that affect the way your bathroom operates, frequent backing up of your toilet can be a sign that the septic system is in trouble. Your septic system inspection specialist will come to your home, check out your septic tank and system, and they will also run a snake down your plumbing lines to see what is going on.

Your backyard or bathroom has a strange, egg-like odor

You probably are not imagining things if your backyard or bathroom suddenly have a strange and egg-like odor coming from them. The strange egg-y smell is often attributed to sewer gases, which can cause the septic system to become smelly and alarming. If you also notice the stench in your kitchen and other drains of the home, then a back up or serious clog may be at play and should be inspected right away. Your septic inspections should always be done professionally and on the regular as suggested by your plumbing specialist.

Your family has outgrown your septic system

Has your family outgrown your current septic system? If so, it's time to have the current system not only inspected, but possibly replaced. A larger family can use up more septic waste, which can cause your system to overflow or need to be cleaned more regularly. Sometimes it's cheaper just to pay for the expense of cleaning out a septic system more often rather than replacing it, especially if your system is not that old. This is something your septic systems inspection specialist will help you determine as part of their service call.