Three Signs That Your Foundations Need Repairs

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Three Signs That Your Foundations Need Repairs

7 December 2020
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Foundations are the most important structural element in your home or building to ensure that it does not fall over in just a few years. The problem is, that many American's do not know how to spot the signs of foundations beginning to erode. If they did, many catastrophic building collapses could be avoided, and homes can be saved from getting condemned. Here are three signs that your foundation is struggling and that you should call for expert foundation repair as soon as you possibly can. If you wait, it could cost tens of thousands more, or perhaps be unfixable.

Your Wall Has Cracks In It

It is easy to assume that cracks in your walls are a result of poor material used in the walls themselves, but the truth is that most of the time when cracks appear it is due to an unsteady base. This unsteady base will cause parts of your wall to sag, while other areas will stay the same, leading to the cracks. Sometimes cracks in the walls can be other problems, but it is always important that you rule out issues with your foundations first. A foundation contractor can quickly determine if the cracks are related, or unrelated, to the quality of your foundations.

Doors Jamming

In the same way that the walls will be affected by an uneven base, your doors will also be affected. It is important to watch out for doors because they generally jam quicker than cracks will appear in your wall, so if you notice the doors starting to jam and then start to see cracks, you really need to call an expert foundation contractor. It doesn't really matter what type of door you have either, and the place where the door is jamming is likely to be close to the spot where the foundations are eroding so make sure you keep track of that. 

Noticeable Inclines On The Same Floor Of Your House

If your home starts to have quite a prominent difference in height from one room to the next then you are seeing one of the later stages of foundation problems and you should get out of your home while an expert takes a look. Your floors should always be level, and if that is not the case then something in the supports is malfunctioning. Either a section of foundation has completely disappeared or it is getting pushed into the floor itself. Not all foundation repairs are extremely expensive, but they will be if you leave them alone for too long. Find a foundation repair specialist in your are today like those at Du-West Foundation Repair.