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Minimizing the Need for Plumbing Repairs

Hiring a plumber to make repairs tends to be a common occurrence for most homeowners as the years pass. While it’s virtually impossible to completely avoid the need for a professional plumber’s services, there are some things you can do to minimize wear and tear on your plumbing system so it doesn’t succumb to the need for repairs often. Using low-flow aerators on your sink faucets and shower heads as well as insulating your exposed pipes before winter can make a big difference in your plumbing’s performance. On this website you’ll find many tips and tricks that can be used to keep your plumbing in good shape, and even to save yourself some money on water costs throughout the year.

3 Hidden Plumbing Problems That Cause Serious Damage And How To Catch Them In Time

4 May 2018
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You turn on the water and watch it go down the drain, and then, you forget about it. The plumbing system in your home is a complex mechanical system that can lead to serious damage if problems go unnoticed. Some of the problems with plumbing may be hidden and go unnoticed until you must deal with serious damage to your home. Catching these problems before they become too serious can save you from costly repairs and a lot of headaches. Read More …

Pipe Burst In Your Home’s Basement? Follow These Steps

16 April 2018
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Have you come home to discover that your basement has flooded with water from a burst pipe? If so, you'll need to act quickly. They key to preventing expensive repairs is how you deal with the water. Let it sit around and it will cause more problems, or get rid of it quickly and limit the damage. Here are a few steps you should follow. Shut Off The Electricity And Water Read More …

Time to Have Your Drains Cleaned? Why You Should Have a Digital Image Inspection First

2 April 2018
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If you're going to be having your drains cleaned, there's one more service you need to schedule first; a drain inspection. Cleaning your drains is a good way to clear away dirt and debris, and prevent troublesome clogs, but it won't give you a clear picture of the condition of your drains. For that, you need to have a drain inspection using digital imagery. Here are three reasons why you need to schedule a digital imagery drain inspection as soon as possible. Read More …

Prepare Your Furnace For Its Summer Vacation

17 March 2018
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Finally – winter is coming to an end and spring is approaching. This means that it will soon be time to shut down your furnace for the next several months. Is there anything that you need to do to ensure that your furnace is protected while it's not being used? Here you'll learn how to prepare your furnace for its summer vacation. Supply List Shop-Vac – crevice and brush attachments Screwdriver WD-40 New Furnace Filter Shut Off the Gas Read More …

Ready To Upgrade To New Appliances? What To Know Now

3 March 2018
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If you are doing a kitchen overhaul and you want to order all new appliances, there are some things that you want to do. Buying the appliances takes some research and time; don't just pick out what you think looks nice. It's important that you have everything planned out in advance before all the appliances arrive at your home. Here are some of the things that you want to schedule and do to help save money, and also so you know that all of the appliances have been installed properly. Read More …